OSLINGER S.A.S provides a series of consulting services that can meet the specific needs of your company:

  • Studies and solving problems related to the design and operation of large rotating electric machines (hydrogenerators, turbogenerators and high voltage motors).
  • Root cause analysis of faults.
  • Claims for claims.
  • Advice on selection and purchase of diagnostic equipment for rotary electric machines.
  • Consultancy in the manufacture, acceptance tests and assembly of high voltage coils.
  • Redesign of rotary electric machines.
  • Calculation and redesign of windings.
  • Obtaining and analysis of Capacity Curves.
  • Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance advice.
  • Receiving tests.
  • Implementation of maintenance manuals under national and international standards.
  • Putting into service of generation groups.
  • Review of contracts for insurance company.
  • Acquisition of Policies.
  • Completion of bidding documents.
  • Supervision of assembly of generation plants.

Making Specification Sheets for:

    • Acquisition of large rotary electric machines and windings.
    • Thermal power generation plants.
    • Hydropower plants.
    • Sugar mills Plants.
    • Hydraulic Generation Groups.
    • Thermal Generation Groups.
    • Motor-drive drives for medium and high voltage power.

  • OSLINGER S.A.S offers its clients on-site training in maintenance, testing and specialized diagnostics of rotary electric machines (hydrogenerators, turbogenerators and high voltage motors) and the client can also request the specific topic of interest. These courses provide the training and updating to the competent personnel to manage their most important assets. We have the best specialists in rotating electric machines, with great experience in the field and with training in research and academy.

    Partial Discharges:

    • Theory of Partial Discharges: Definition and characteristics.
    • Sensing methods: Capacitive and inductive coupling sensors.
    • Measurement circuit.
    • Off-line and on-line measurement.
    • On-line monitoring systems.
    • Phase Resolved Partial Discharge Patterns, pulse height graph and statistical parameters.
    • Types of rotating partial machine discharges and their associated defects.
    • International standards.
    • Analysis of information, interpretation and diagnosis.


    Diagnostic, maintenance, consultancy, monitoring system, partial discharge?

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